Friday, 3 January 2014

Hot and Cold

          Did you know that - 40 fehrenheit = -40 celcius? Yep, just checked my thermometer outside. We're in the deep freeze here, and I haven't been outside in many days. I'll break today though, because I am almost out of wood for the fire.
          Yes, I have been painting all through the holidays. Things are at various level of finish. Bill Herring says you should show no more than 10 % of your work, and I know I have showed more than that in the past, and will try to adhere to a higher standard, in this new phase of my life, where I hope to have more time to paint.  So you just get this one for the time being.
          OK Canadians, (this includes honorary Canadians, and Americans in the northeast) this is a sure fire (no pun intended) way of dealing with ridiculous cold. PAINT HOT. This is an acrylic painting, with a fire red underpainting. I had fun, and like this approach to colour. My inner architect has been attracted to this bridge in Renfrew (Ottawa Valley) for ages. I always like the juxtaposition of man made/straight lines with randomness of nature. I also like imperfections.
         In one week, I'll be in the sky, heading for a warm escape, however temporary, it'll take me closer to the end of January. That's always a milestone for me, in getting through winter.
        If you are having trouble enduring the harshness of this winter, there's still time to treat yourself to an escape with moi, to Costa Rica. Just e-mail or call, and I'll give you the particulars.
        Stay warm, endure,....and Happy New Year