Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Miracle and wonder of friendship-How did I get so lucky?

       Yesterday, my past employee and life long friend Renee generously gave me her day. We went back in time to the late eighties/early nineties, when I owned and operated Ferraro fine Craft in Belleville, Ontario. I moved to Ottawa in 1993, boxed up whatever was left over from my store/gallery, moved in here, and put all these boxes of beautifully made Canadian artwork,...in my basement. End of chapter.
       The next 21 years have been spent raising children, teaching and creating my own artwork. But this weekend, we are going back to a re-union with Ferraro fine Craft, and selling off whatever I have left, at the prices from 21 years ago!
       My friendship with Renee Whitney began about 25 years ago. I knew her as the kid at the office supply place, who knew where everything was. Every time I went in there I thought,-- why can't I find an employee like that? Fast forward maybe 2 months, I am hiring a part timer, and who should show up at my counter, but Renee, asking for a application. In my head I am saying "You're hired", while out loud, I am asking for references, and asking her to come in for an interview. Over the next year, I learned what an exceptional human being Renee was, and still is. Intelligent, but so much more. Truthful with herself, wise. Generous, kind and loving are other words I would use.
      Sometimes we don't see each other for years, and everytime we come together, it's like we saw each other just yesterday, sharing all our innermost thoughts and feelings, current challenges. Supporting and believing in each other to the nth degree.  This is a rare and excellent person, whom I can claim as a friend, and witness to all stages and calamities of my life.

And now, for the revealing confession and truth, and this is hard for me to say or even admit to myself, but it must be true:
 I am a hoarder
Yep, my name is Margaret Ferraro, and I am a HOARDER. 
Of fine craft work and Art.
If you don't believe me, check out what Renee and I did yesterday:

Course, you can be a part of all this too! Just come on in on Friday, to my home/studio for a viewing, a few nibbles, and some fine atmosphere, provided by a nice little surprise just to keep you curious.(yes-music!)
It's 6-9 pm. at 113 Terraview Drive this Friday night, then 1-4 on Saturday, November 29nth.
And if that's not enough, we'll also be open for busy-ness on Dec. 6 and 13, from 1-4 pm. 
Come share on out to share in our joy and fun! 

Friday, 14 November 2014

TEAM SOLANGE : Little Bird, under wing, then ready to fly,...air currents in favourable direction,...soaring a possibility


 Supporting the true nature of your children

Little Squirt, pastel 9" X 12"
Here's a painting of my darling daughter Solange, now all grown up and living in down town Toronto. Quite the cutie as a little child, the word precocious comes to mind. Solange has always had big plans that never phased her. At the age of -maybe 6?- She came in the house, and ordered me to start plans for a building that would house her palientology museum. It's just one example.
She's at Ryerson University now, studying film, and absolutely loves her program. . From the time Solange was very young, we all knew she was a woman of the world. No boundaries.
Here's something I have wanted to say to parents out there loud and clear, something I have definite opinions on.
It's about supporting our children to make their own decisions and build their own lives. I have always supported whatever decisions both of my daughters made, knowing it is their sacred choice to mould their own life. It's by supporting their own ability to make good decisions, and by respecting their right to be an individual with their own unique visions of life, that we truly guide our children.
Let's put our own beliefs in our children right out front, and support whatever it is they decide to do.
It is with this principle in mind that I now execute Team Solange. This is where I gather all believers and we come together to support, encourage and help make happen, the dreams of one creative bird. That's my daughter, Solange.
My first Team Solange event is a sale of fine art in my home/studio, where I have taught for the last 17 years.
What will be for sale are items from my Art Gallery that I owned many years ago in Belleville. All this work has been sitting in my basement for many years, and I am now letting go. To get an idea of what's for sale, go to the post dated Nov. 14, Ferraro fine Crafts revisited.

hand turned wooden goblets, all exotic rare woods, by Andre Martel

Pottery by many well known Canadian artists

handmade jewellery and more,...

Also for sale at the same time will be a plethlora of my unframed pastel, studies, done while teaching, as demos, or just in studio. Since I've been doing this for 17 years, you can imagine, I have quite a lot of work!! These will all be sold at rock bottom prices, so this is quite the opportunity to purchase one of my pastels, starting at $75.00. Many pieces at $100.00, and a few above that price.

Pastel study, en plein air near my house

7 Trees in my field

I'll also be exhibiting my latest oils as well.
16 X 20 oil, plein air in the neighbourhood

The dates for the exhibition are Friday Nov. 28th, 6-9 pm., Saturday Nov. 29nth, 1-4 pm., and Dec. 6 and 13, from 1-4 pm. If you can't make these dates, please contact me for a private viewing. Hope to see all my neighbours, friends, students, acquaintances. It's a great way for me to see everyone, and show my gratitude for being part of this great community.
To contact me for a private viewing, just e-mail margferraro@xplornet.ca or call 613 839-5241

Ferraro fine Crafts Revisited ** Here's what's available ** reserve items by e-mail at margferraro@xplornet.ca

I am holding my first event, selling these items, plus my own paintings. I am raising money for my daughters career as a film maker, so when you hear the term Team Solange, you will know this is the first of many events to help defray the cost of Camera and filming equipment.
Please join us in this fun event! Live Music, art, and other creatives,..
At my home/studio, 113 Terraview Drive, Ottawa
Here's the first 25 samples of handmade art items that I used to sell at my Art Gallery, many years ago. You may call and arrange a private viewing before/during or after the open dates (Nov. 28, 29, Dec. 6, 13) if you can't make it then. I can also hold anything you are interested in. Enjoy browsing.
Think Christmas Presents!
Contact Margaret at 613 839-5241 or margferraro@xplornet .ca

Handblown and sandblasted plate by Thornglass, $150.00
             Handthrown porcelain pottery plate, 14" diameter, with handsculpted floral decoration
by Joseph Panacci  $200.00
                    8.5"diameter handthrown porcelain bowl by Carole-Ann Michaelson $40.00
Porcelain vessel with ribbed lid, by Glenn Gangnier $200.00
7" wood fired porcelain vase $45.00
Monica Johnson earthenware 6" vase $40.00
Porcelain casserole, 10" wide, by Joseph Panacci $120.00
Earthenware casserole 9" by Lena Meurling $75.00
handblown wine goblets with sandblasted designs by Thornglass $120.00/pr.
Same! Thornglass goblets with sandblasted design. $120.00/pr.
   Handblown glass paperweight $45.00

handblown glass pear with iridescence. $45.00
handblown glass pitcher by Clark Guettel  $80.00
Hand blown glass art nouveau style vase with iridescent decoration. $70.00
Hand blown glass bowl, 6" wide by Clark Guettel $50.00
Porcelain paperweights each one unique, 3-4" wide $40.00 each
  Hand blown glass perfume bottle by Denise Belanger Taylor, with bubble chain design. $110.00
5 petalled shape hand blown glass perfume bottle by Denise again. I have a few of these, each one a little different. $70.00 each.
Handblown glass paperweight with bubble design by Denise again. $60.00
handblown glass paperweight $45.00
handblown glass perfume bottle with peach colour and sandblasted design by Denise, $165.00
handblown glass vase with chain design by Denise $95.00
handblown glass paperweight with hand sculpted glass lily encased $90.00
Carol-Ann Michaelson porcelain pitcher, $45.00
This is a sampling only! If you are interested in any of these items, please contact me, and definitely come to our event on Friday Nov. 28th, from 6-9 pm. 

Friday, 7 November 2014

Martine and Margaret, at it again! Costa Rica 2015, here we come!
dream team 2014
This photo takes me back, immediately, to a lush gorgeous dream like memory of existing in the dew, the mist, the greenery,  birds, flowers, colours, smells, beauty and miracle of Costa Rica. Here we are group, 2014, at Mont Azul, in the Chirrippo Mountains.
As the snow flies today, thinking about Costa Rica becomes even more tangible. This is my third year going back. Every year, I get a little more knowledgeable, a little more in awe.
This year, we are going to a volcano-a first for my group, and for me. One of earths' wonders.

Poas Volcano, destination on Day 1

 After that, we are off to the Talamanca Mountain range with huge vistas, for a big view on life.

 One of the things I am really looking forward to seeing (and haven't yet in C.R.) is the Quetzel bird, indigenous to this area.
Isn't this the most beautiful and elegant bird, ever?! 
Next stop, the OSA Peninsula,...
beaches, McCaws, monkeys, waterfalls, dragonflies,...I could go on and on,...