Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Miracle and wonder of friendship-How did I get so lucky?

       Yesterday, my past employee and life long friend Renee generously gave me her day. We went back in time to the late eighties/early nineties, when I owned and operated Ferraro fine Craft in Belleville, Ontario. I moved to Ottawa in 1993, boxed up whatever was left over from my store/gallery, moved in here, and put all these boxes of beautifully made Canadian artwork,...in my basement. End of chapter.
       The next 21 years have been spent raising children, teaching and creating my own artwork. But this weekend, we are going back to a re-union with Ferraro fine Craft, and selling off whatever I have left, at the prices from 21 years ago!
       My friendship with Renee Whitney began about 25 years ago. I knew her as the kid at the office supply place, who knew where everything was. Every time I went in there I thought,-- why can't I find an employee like that? Fast forward maybe 2 months, I am hiring a part timer, and who should show up at my counter, but Renee, asking for a application. In my head I am saying "You're hired", while out loud, I am asking for references, and asking her to come in for an interview. Over the next year, I learned what an exceptional human being Renee was, and still is. Intelligent, but so much more. Truthful with herself, wise. Generous, kind and loving are other words I would use.
      Sometimes we don't see each other for years, and everytime we come together, it's like we saw each other just yesterday, sharing all our innermost thoughts and feelings, current challenges. Supporting and believing in each other to the nth degree.  This is a rare and excellent person, whom I can claim as a friend, and witness to all stages and calamities of my life.

And now, for the revealing confession and truth, and this is hard for me to say or even admit to myself, but it must be true:
 I am a hoarder
Yep, my name is Margaret Ferraro, and I am a HOARDER. 
Of fine craft work and Art.
If you don't believe me, check out what Renee and I did yesterday:

Course, you can be a part of all this too! Just come on in on Friday, to my home/studio for a viewing, a few nibbles, and some fine atmosphere, provided by a nice little surprise just to keep you curious.(yes-music!)
It's 6-9 pm. at 113 Terraview Drive this Friday night, then 1-4 on Saturday, November 29nth.
And if that's not enough, we'll also be open for busy-ness on Dec. 6 and 13, from 1-4 pm. 
Come share on out to share in our joy and fun! 

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