Monday, 11 May 2015

Searching for your creative process

Artists live a full life. 

Gatineau fog. Nature provides endless creative ideas.

It's Monday Morning. I had a good weekend, got lots of hiking in. Time with one daughter, among other things. Mothers' day was low key, like it that way. The best gift was just my away daughter calling, saying Happy mothers day, and her enthusiasm for the time we'll spend together next weekend. And hiking with Gen. I'd rather have this good feel relationship, respecting each others independence, and valuing each others existence as we make choices that form our lives. Being an artist is fed by living a full life.

                                          Sweet Genevieve. I am so grateful for my daughters!

With this fullness under belt, I delve into my current project, being pulled by the inexplicable passion for things, visual images. Sometimes we don't know why we are pulled in a certain direction, but important to go just trust, and go there.
When I execute a figure, I often have very specific and conscious stories I am telling.
Other times,  I am pulled to something visual, that doesn't necessarily have a specific message. The visuals please me. Or, my imagination is sparked by ideas, as I peruse images. Trust, don't necessarily justify. Such is the case right now.

One of many examples. It's design that I am after. Charcoal, here I come. 

I have a series of photos I took of a pathway in Costa Rica. It is universal, could be anywhere path. I like the idea of path, as a metaphor for life. The choices we make dictate the path/life experience we make for ourselves.
In class, I am always telling my students to search for processes of creativity that they enjoy. It's our responsibility to design our studio time around what we feel passionate about, but also experimenting always for processes we love. In this way, you make art that is exciting to you, AND you enjoy each step of your process.

Underpainted a vibrant yellow on U-art sanded paper, with charcoal and white pastel. 5" X 6". It's being adhered to a very pure emerald green canvas today,...then what? 

Want to stay motivated? Follow the passion, and follow the process that is right for you. Play there.
Right now, I am just experimenting with some small studies, to see how I want to go with the process within this series. I've already informed myself so much, just be doing these small studies.

Underpainting complimentary colours, fading gradually into each other adds unexpected richness. The underpainting was done arbitrarily before the image was chosen, working spontaneous decisions into the mix. The gift of surprise makes it worthwhile. Done on 140 lb. CP w.c.paper. Next: adhere to a canvas with medium, and paint over it with acrylic. That's today! Looking forward to seeing what surprises come my way today.

Making things up as you go along, is a way of working spontaneity into your creative process. You might be surprised at how good you are at making creative and interesting choices in the moment. To know this about yourself, being familiar with yourself and where your interests lie, is everything to being an authentic artist.
Isn't that the most important thing we can give to the world? Our Authenticity.