Saturday, 7 March 2015

The Whirlwind of life

Home from Costa Rica mid-February, I hit the ground running and haven't stopped. Ok I flop on the couch every once in a while, and can't move,...
I am disappointed I haven't made it over here to let out those thought balloons and meanderings on all things at Ferraro Creative. My apologies! Much big dreaming going on over here!

Lots of new news, so I will encapsulate the headlines, so as not to bore you. Going chronologically helps me organize. 

March 2015-May 2015               Ferraro at Neat Cafe, Burnstown

Ruths' Blossom, pastel

That means I'll talk about my show at The Neat Cafe, that just went up this week. Karen Phillips Curran is the curator for shows at the Neat, and asked me pre-Costa Rica. It was still a last minute panic about the whole thing though. However, we worked well together, the show is up, and will be up til May 24th or so. 
If you have never been to the Neat Cafe, let me describe it of you. First of all, Burnstown is a small village on the Madawaska river. There's a couple galleries here, lots of artists, nature lovers, rowers, hikers, it's got that kind of feel to it. Recreational definitely, in the summer. 

Other Worlds, Pastel

The Neat Cafe housed in an old school house, where frequent music concerts are held. They are intimate, and of the highest quality. Behind the school room turned concert hall, is the cafe itself. Here they have a wood burning stove for making pizza, the best coffee you will ever taste, fresh baked goods, other delectables, plus local beers. There's lots of windows too in this charming old building. 
We hung the show an a cold but sunny winter day, and let me tell you, this place is so full of character, and warmth. I didn't want to leave when I was done. I just wanted to hang around, and soak up the lovely relaxed vibe. 
The walls are all a neutral colour, and so I brought lots of colour, trying to keep to a theme of red. 

It's always cool to see your work in a new environment. I am pleased.
Thank you to owner Adam, for allowing us artist to join the creative bag of creation that is Neat, and to Karen Phillips Curran for inviting me and helping me to hang the show. 

My next Haliburton school of the arts gig is coming up Monday June 29nth-Friday July 3
Come and take a refresher and enjoy the summery atmosphere of Haliburton. There's always a lot going on in Haliburton every summer, the classes at the art school, local live theatre, rails end gallery reception, and many other fun and cultural activities. 
When you register for a workshop at Haliburton, they will have all sorts of listings for different types of accommodation. Many people come in groups and rent a cottage for the week. It makes the week affordable, and you can share your experience with all you cottage mates at the end of the day. I find it makes for a fun and rich time! To see those classes and learn more, go to .

There's another announcement almost ready to come out. I will amend this next week if it all works out. What I can say right now, is that I have been asked back to the McMichaels Master class series this coming fall. I'll be teaching a weekend workshop in Pastel and the Figure that I am really excited about. It's a workshop that has been forming in my head for some time. It's about applying pastel in many experimental ways, original mark making, it's about fun with colour, and letting loose.  
The dates for this workshop are Sept. 5th & 6th. Mark your calendars Toronto people!

Of course you all know about my next Italy trip! It's Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast, Oct. 17-31

 Everything about this trip is new, and I'm really happy and looking forward to working with my partners for this trip, Angus and Tanya of Chirriposa Retreats. 

We call them Tangus. Tangus were my hosts in Canaan das rivas this past January/February. Thanks guys, for making me feel so welcome in your community. My visit was a very civilized way of working out all the details for Tuscany. Both Tania and Angus speak Italian fluently and spent lots of time roaming the countryside where we'll be.

Here is Tania, at her birthday party! That smile never left her!!

And here is Angus, the good hubby, delivering what's really important, the cake. 

Further to this, I am hosting an free information evening about Tuscany 2015, at Simply Biscotti, 354 Preston St., on Thursday March 19nth at 7 pm. If you want to come and dream, just rsvp to
Love to have ya there. Plus, Biscotti has serious Italian offerings to tempt you. Cannoli, look out!
Coming to one of these presentations allows you to get a better idea of what we'll be doing, where we will be staying and taking excursions to. It's your opportunity to ask any questions at all, meet the teach, and others who may be coming on the trip. 

Can it really be happening? Am I already dreaming up unbelievable ideas for travel and art the following year? Just tempting you to stay reading, and get ready for unbelievable journeys with Ferraro Art Workshops. 

You'll be hearing from me soon! In closing, I'd like to share good words for plein air painting from one of the most revered painters of Tuscany, our dear Leonardo.

"Look at light and admire its beauty. Close your eyes, and then look again: what you saw is no longer there; and what you will see later is not yet. " (Leonardo da Vinci)