Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Barn

We've had some terrific weather lately, but the worst weekend, of cold, wind, and rain, co-incided with our special weekend at The Barn, in wakefield, Quebec. (http://www.the-barn.ca/). The bad weather did not dampen our spirits. Canadians know how to do this. We know how to make the best of a situation. I don't know what else I would rather be doing than share space and time with other artists, when it's miserable outside.

The fall colours did not disappoint, as we made our way to Wakefield Saturday morning, rainy as it was. Cameras in hand, we had a good lesson on capturing good composition. We moved rightin like we lived there always, pastels spilling out everywhere. We still painted landscape. Emily painted a scene of the woods, right on her easel from the warmth of the living room. I managed to get three thumbnails done Friday before everyone arrived, and used one for my demo Friday night. Even the beginners managed to get home with at least one finished piece.
One thing we won't forget soon was Tanyas' incredible cooking. the pic above is Tanya, explainign the ingredients and methods for her wholesome cooking. Healthy and delicious. (http://www.tanyawodicka.com)%20thankyou/ to all who came and made it such a great weekend!

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