Saturday, 3 December 2011

South March Highlands Conservancy needs support

                       In case you haven't heard, I have donated two paintings to the fundraising efforts of the South March Highlands/Carp river Conservation Inc. This group is supporting the conservancy of undeveloped land very close to Urban Sprawl, on the west side of Ottawa. If we look back in history, I think we can easily see how lack of vision leads to large urban areas without green space, let alone other viable reasons to protect habitat areas and more. If you are interested in this initiative, go to
                         What has this got to do with paintings my Margaret Ferraro, you may ask? Well, I have donated this painting above to an art auction, rasiing funds for this project. This painting is of a rose coloured Canna Lily that I painted at The Experimental farm in Ottawa. If you were to come to my studio to purchase this painting, you would pay $2600.00 for it. If the minimum bid is met, this painting will be sold for the minimum price, which is $1200.00! (if no one else bids on it) This is quite an oppurtunity, if you have seen this work and wanted to purchase it. There is also one Ballet study from a Time to Dance, titled Multi-tasking. The retail value of this painting is $275.00, and currently can be bid on for $150.00. Another great bargain, if you were ever thinking of purchasing one of my ballerinas.
                        The auction ends tomorrow, so quick action is needed. Thankyou for your continued support, bidding is online only at
                                                                                                                                                                Margaret Ferraro    613 839-5241

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