Monday, 14 October 2013

Back to Fraysinnet, France

Who knew, back in August of 2008, that I'd be trekking back to Le Vieux Couvent, so many times! Tomorrow we leave again, for a 10 day painting trip with my students. I've been painting the turning colours here as much as possible the last few weeks. In Fraysinnet, the colours are just starting to turn, so we'll be doing it all over again. One of the things I love about this trip, is being away from my house and usual responsibilities. To wake up every day, and your only objective is to paint! I have so much more energy, and can get excited about the gorgeous countryside around this art retreat, that I seem to continue to love and go back to. Corrine Campbell, owner of this retreat, has been hard at work renovating. Every time we go, there's some new improvement, and the place is really lovely. I can't wait to see what changes are in store for us. Also, I have never painted in France in the Autumn, so I'm open to this new experience as well.
      The only thing I'm worried about are my students. This group is largely made up of the group I took to Tuscany last year, where I wam-boosled them with a trivia quiz, based on art history and facts from the website of our retreat there. They weren't entirely impressed, and "roasted" me the next night, with their own trivia quiz. I have something similar in store for them this time, so Game-On! Girls!! 

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