Monday, 20 July 2015

My life as a House


  Vital signs,...or rather, Signs of Vitality, as she rips the roof off her house, and expands the world outside the box. Acrylic, 30" X 36",  2013

Endurance is a word I have used many times in my daily journaling. I have lived in this house for 22 years now. Longer than anywhere else! This house has meant so many things at different stages of life.
When we first moved in, this house was a tent, and we were campers. There were no floors, one pipe for water in the kitchen, walls were up, but the roof wasn't complete, or many other things. We camped indoors for the first year.

This house was bought because it needed to belong to an artist. that's essentially why we bought it. The unique architecture, open concept. Room to breathe, to dream. This house was a dream.

Then came years where this house was a family. Christmas trees, toys, many, many recitals. Some of you will remember the yearly talent show. A very exciting evening for us all! This house became a theatre.

As the kids grew, I started teaching art classes here, and the house became a studio. I started with Pastels for adults and children's classes, adding in the essential life drawing classes that grew and went on for many years.

The heart and soul of it all, everyone gathered around the coffee table, with fire glowing, hearts and minds sharing, learning, soulful connections. That's Our Cathy there on my couch! Chris B., and Elspeth!

This house saw me through my divorce and then this house was my sanctuary. This house was one thing I could count on, and became a place where I could find peace, and know that here, I could count on myself, if no one else. This house was Trust. This house was Strength. 

For many years I exhibited my work, first as solo art shows, then as part of the Red Trillium Studio Tour. My House became an art gallery. I would also advertise and promote my art classes through  this venue, and my house became a billboard, of what I am. I am an artist, a painter, and an art teacher.
My house became a symbol of who I am, and what I thought was important in life.

150 paintings that became 125 paintings in my first published book, A Time to Dance, were created here, in my studio. My house became a book.

During the years that I participated in the Red Trillium StudioTour, my daughter Solange also painted pictures and sold them here, did portraits one year for a dollar or a hug, one year it was greeting cards, one year it was all poetry, another year we were serenaded by the violin. The Lemonade stand year brings back very particular memories that still make me laugh. Solange was very good at selling whatever she had, she believed in herself. Year after year, people would come back to see the little girl with the lego cash register who had her store set up under the stairs. But the little girl grew up! This house was roots and wings for both my daughters.

Sorry! I know it's dark, bit it is recent!  The two lights of my life. Both Genevieve (on your left) and Solange (on your right) are soaring through the skies as we speak.

This house has seen many renovations over the years, teaching me that with hard work, and a few friends here and there, I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to.  I am capable of reaching past any pre-conceived notions of my potential. My house taught me to reach up high.

Having taught so many wonderful people here, this house has gifted me with so much love, compassion, friendship, and understanding between art makers. This house exuded that love to anyone who dared to take a workshop here.

This house, is a direct symbol of everything I stand for. This house is my soul. I was determined to always make my house, a place of peace and love. I feel I have achieved something significant. I have said who I am through this house. And now, that soul is ready to fly away. It is ready to open those wings wide and embrace something bigger than any one of us. 

                                                      The table needs new inhabitants! This house is now ready to receive it's next inhabitants. If you know anyone, particularly an artist or musician who would like to be well taken care of by it's shelter, then I recommend this house. Thank you HOUSE!
To View my house, which is FOR SALE, please read the other post from today. 

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