Monday, 9 November 2015

Amalfi: Drama enough

Amalfi is drama enough without the weather accentuating! Yes, huge dark clouds sank down over the mountain tops. We arrive just before it starts to get dark,..then slowly we see the lights all over the various coasts light up and tell us, they are there. Despite the fog and clouds. Love the way buildings are tucked into the natural shapes of the humungous rockside cliffs. 

There's a hint of rainbow at the top of this one. Courtesy of Tania Capuletti.

I wanted to add this photo just to give the idea of the comparison of the rock, to the size of the buildings. It is truly spectacular. 
The Amalfi coast has several towns dotting the Coast, and I am glad we stayed in Amalfi, as it is the sweetest town! It has a very old church, heavy on the gold mosaic decoration. Also a charming downtown with nice shopping, and acceptable gelato and espresso. 

Just had to add this. Too much cuteness in one photo! Seriously, we all know the vehicles in Europe are smaller, but these trucks are such a joke! Love the colours, not just the size. 

Just an idea of how sheer the cliffs are. The black cloth is protecting lemons from frost. Our temps made us wonder why they'd worried about it, but I guess it's coming.

Around every hairpin bend in the road, another breathtaking view. But the region is not just a series of towns. I think the road hugging the coast with it’s unending hairpin turns,and crazy drivers is as much a characteristic part of Amalfi as anything else. Hats off to out great drivers, as the view is so breathtaking around every corner, it’s wonder to keep your eyes on the road!

Serious weather rolling in. I love weather! I love having a big view of it too. 

This area has a history of paper making. I took this photo of a store selling it's own handmade paper, and it's museum, under glass and under foot. Cool, eh?

Of course there's a church involved,....all beautiful.

This was quite unique. It's a replica of the town of Amalfi. They even have particular buildings replicated, like a gigantic lego world. So cute, artistic and well done. Children and adults loving it. It's outdoors, so made of durable stuff. Lovely. 

Vietro. The town of ceramics. Everywhere. And a good pasticceria too.

Oh. Wait a minute. This is a painting trip! Love the narrow walkways everywhere, and the little bit of light on the corner. Amalfi walkways. Pastel on Uart pastel paper. By this point in the trip, I find people are starting to want to get some relaxation time in as well as painting. There were a few more pastels and lots of sketching still happening. But we are nearing the end of this great and fun trip. I'll continue to write about it, as there are so many things I didn't mention yet!!

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