Sunday, 31 January 2016

 Costa rica 2016 On our way to the OSA


The best way to describe our trip to Costa Rica this year is terrific Karma. Everything has gone so smoothly, the people in my group are a dream come true, and Martine and Jason are as awesome as ever.
We started our adventure 2016 in San Jose, eating the first night at Chelles, an establishment that serves typical Costa Rican fare, and has been for over 100 years. San Jose is very prettily situated in the bowl of surrounding low lying mountains. The thing I have always looked forward to and remains consistent is the perfect temperatures and gentle breezes that make SanJose so pleasant. 
The next morning started very early, off to the airport for our plane ride from San Jose to Puerto Jimenez, the frontier town before riding off into the wild. We fly at 6000 feet, very low, allowing for a birds eye view of the mountains, rivers, farms and towns that makes Costa Rica so fascinating, such a jewel. From Puerto Jimenez, we drive approximately 2 hours, through many rivers, under rain forest Canopy, with periodic amazing vistas of where mountains and ocean meet rain forest.

Our hotel in San Jose. Nice little nook.
We finally arrived at our destination and home for the next week, Laguna Vista. We’re right in Carate, facing the Pacific Ocean. We hear the constant roar of the ocean, but it’s just far enough away to be a lovely lull for sleeping. The ocean breeze cuts the humidity, and keeps us from melting.

Any physical activity happens early morning, then it’s back here, to paint the rest of the day, a couple hundred feet above the ocean, completely open to the Pacific, the jungle, and a lagoon, right at the foot of our retreat, before you head on out to the ocean.
So far, we’ve gotten to know our general local environment, and spent most of our time going over my techniques for Painting in Pastel, and Plein Air on location. I have such a terrific group of women this year, and can’t wait to see what gems we will create. 
This morning was absolutely awesome. We got up early and trekked into the jungle, to a 3 tier waterfall as our destination. Within the first half hour, we saw all four types of monkeys that are native to this area. White faced Capuchins, Spider Monkeys, Howlers, and Ti-tis’. After all the trips I’ve done to Costa Rica, this is only the second time I’ve seen Ti-tis. They are very small, orangey-caramelly creatures, flying through the trees. Lucky day today!
Martine was her usual encyclopedia of everything OSA, while guiding us perfectly, and timing us to get back here before the real heat of the day.    
Now it’s our time to sink into artwork. When it’s too hot, or we need a break, it’s into the pool, then back at it. 

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