Wednesday, 14 December 2016

I've never been to Spain, but I kinda like the music,............

It all started with Gaudi.
 He was my inspiration going to Barcelona. Sagrada Familia was the priority, and it did not disappoint. Gaudi was a devout Catholic. He wanted this church to be a spiritual experience for anyone who entered. I've never seen anything like it. Some of his other buildings, with curvacious walls in light stone reminded me of Douglas Cardinal, our own Canadian genius architect. 

Interior view of the ceiling inside Sagrada Familia, Gaudis' crowning piece of architecture.


Ciutadella Park reminds me of the Tuilleries in Paris. Very stately beautiful park. Barcelona is walkable, with exciting things to see and do at every turn.

When you don't have time to paint it, photo it for later reference. A nice walk through the University of Barcelona.

Arco de Triumfo de Barcelona. Stately, huge and different, but just as gorgeous as the other one.

We enjoyed flying as a group to Palma, Mallorca. Here's the view from the plane of the Tramuntana Mountains, which became our cloud and sun covered friends every morning as we collaborated with the great outdoors. 


This retreat center was very well designed, equipped, a pleasure to enjoy for our week of painting.

Here's some captures of Le Serrania by my students:

One of the very old out buildings on the property. Cypress trees everywhere!

After the rain, the walk to everyones' rooms, kind of like adobe. 

Nice welcoming to the front entrance. Beautiful stone and plants everywhere. Someone has put a lot of time into some artful gardening here. 

Liz has captured those curvy lively tress on the property. 

St. Vincent, the photo
I couldn't write this post without one picture of the incredible BLUE of the Mediterranean. This was out first painting location, St Vincent. 

St. Vincent, the painting
Although I usually teach pastel, anyone is welcome to use any medium they like on my trips, and it isn't unusual to have a watercolourist or two in the group. No problem!

Some nice renditions (last 2) of same scene, St. Vincent

The Mountains of Mallorca were SO incredibly deep, layered and just beautiful. Awe inspiring. The Meditarranean is just beyond the last layer of mountains. 

These incredible rock formations got bigger and bigger as they got to the coast. No shortage of spectacular coastal scenery here!

We visited Cap Formentor on the windiest of days. However, I think it's always windy here, and not a great painting locale for practical reasons (wind!!!!), but what scenery! Lots of pics!!

Here's Miriam finding a great spot to paint near Coves de Campanet. Note the nice light/shade set up here. 

The results. 

Victor is inspired and writing away after Wendy divulges her latest poem. Wendy is my poet is residence on many of my trips.  

Betty mid-creation. practical, with apron and hat. 

Liz, getting her thumbnails down pat, and multi-tasking as she also soaks up the sun.

Barb, hard at work. Gorgeous scenery in the background, and everywhere you looked!

Who could forget the Paella demonstration, or eating it! Absolutely delicious. 

One day we hiked up this hill opposite the town of Pollensa, and had many breathtaking views to paint. If I ever get the chance to go back, I'll definitely plan to spend a whole day up there, with 365 degrees view of the surrounding area.  This photo is just one viewpoint of many.

Imaginative use of colour on these old, old stone buildings. 

Barb has perfectly captured the day, the light.

Pastel by Ferraro, from Coves de Campanet. Cypress trees abundance abound. 

Janet paints one of many grand doors, seeking the texture of different surfaces. Also painted at Coves de Campanet. 

A very breezy day by the sea, the usual suspects. Thank you to everyone who came on this wonderful trip. Also thank you once again to Angus and Tania of Chirriposa Retreats, who planned, lead, cooked, drove and just generally took such good care of us. 

Where next? Costa Rica January 28- February 5th, and then back to Tuscany in August of 2017 with Angus and Tania!! Stay tuned for more information on this. 
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