Thursday, 12 September 2019

Inaugural Plein Air Master Class 2019

Here we all are, minus Eva and Allison. 
At the end of summer 2019, 12 brave students and one crazy teacher descended upon a large enough well situated cottage to soak in Georgian Bay, water, sky, trees and rocks. Thumbnails drawings followed keen observation, and paintings followed that. I can't believe how many paintings were created that week! Were far enough north that we got to feel the end of summer,r but also the beginning of fall, with he odd bit of red, and hints of other colours to come.

The cottage we rented was large enough for everyone to find a corner to paint in, special thanks to Allison and Dennis Kolody of for renting us their gorgeous cottage, and lending a hand with several boat rides to exotic locals to paint. dennis grew up in these waters and knew exactly where to go. Our cottage was at Pointe au Baril, but we painted in many locations, including hole in the wall, and Nares inlet.  thank you Dennis!

It all starts with a little viewfinder time, as my students settle into some observation, and utilizing their well honed sense of compositional principles. there's Janet!

Here's Richardis, soaking up a little solitude and drawing time. 

Mikkis' well established painting. amongst natures random placement of rock, moss and pine needles.

                   Back at the ranch, Janet's easel come out. We're getting serious now. and bigger!

               Liz is revisiting the art of the thumbnail here. we are all becoming one, with the rock.

                    I took this pic of Eva, inspired to make a painting myself! no, haven't done it yet.

                      Loretta gave up a serious golf game to be here. life is full of prioritizing.

                       Allison got into the action like she'd been doing this for years. A natural.

     Of course we never paint for long before the food starts to come out. lecture time, at Nares Inlet.

Sometimes I make my students walk around with camera and viewfinder only. it's an exercise in finding your sense of composition.

                   Our mode of transport. Fun! and such beautiful sense of natures' beauty.

What a wonderful day we had at Hole in the Wall. Wonderful scenery and atmosphere on our first day out painting. 

There's no better example of a work ethic than this woman, Liz Campbell. Thanks for setting the bar Liz. After copious intricate drawings, Liz settles into a pastel. But it could just have easily been a watercolour, pen & ink, or pencil crayon piece. 

Mikki becomes one with the idea of one idea per painting. WIP, loosely drawn, good composition. Lovely puzzle of warms and cools. Schmeck!

Betty's palettes, becoming more and more exploratory.    

Richardis got her tree to stand out by employing the warm colours come forward and cool colour recede principle. 

Bonnies' little gem here is all atmosphere. I can't believe this is the only pic i have from you Bonnie. You did so many great pieces this week!

Liz makes a commitment to knowing the rock. 

On more than one occasion. good work Liz! (Jackson)

What can I say Liz Campbell? Star trek meets Ferraro art workshops. 

Loretta; feel the sun, the wind-swept trees in the breeze, the turbulent water. 

Janet hit a few out of the park. You are made for plein air girl!

Barb had a great week, and we all salivated over this one! Man, she got those rocks! 

Guess what? Even I, got time to paint!!

What did we do to revitalize, regain energy? We ate, drank and laughed together. We swam, hiked, and even visited the town of parry sound, and had a lovely cruise on Georgian Bay. 
Then there's the deep philosophical discussions at night, where we solved all the human race problems. Women need to connect, share their ideas. 

                               Letting off a little steam on the lake. Georgian Bay, Lake Huron.

We ate like royalty, everyone taking a turn with a meal and a few treats worked into the week. 

We find things to toast about all the time, a way of acknowledging our gratitude for being together, the wonderful friendships forged. Celebrating Barbs' birthday, and actually managing to keep it secret until the right time! happy birthday Barb!

What a wonderful time we all had. I feel it was such a success. Everyone went home with many paintings, full stomachs, full of laughter, and fun. We all gained a sense of Georgian Bay, rocks, trees and water.  Spending time together was so special. Thanks to all who came, I truly appreciate each and everyone one of your friendships, the bond of women is strong and well.

Now onto planning next years adventure to the Algoma region of lake Superior, and oh yeah, a little plein air in Portugal, coming up soon!
til then,............keep painting, stay happy!
Said the girl from Purpleville.

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