Tuesday, 13 September 2011


September is my favorite month of the year. Today is a perfect example. It's been windy, rained a bit, fairly warm. I love weather, and this is my month to be outside, as much as possible. I've been painting on location, small studies in pastel, all within a kilometer of my home. That's my goal. To find, and create good composition. It's not necessary to go far. Inspiration can be just around the corner, if you now how to compose. As I develop as an artist, my work becomes less about colour that I love per se, and more about composing well, seeing each image in a whole way. 
Today, I painted a field of some crop, striping the land. I'm happy with it. Then I put the finishing touches on three others, and some work on a large oil. You can't ask for much more than this, painting every day in gorgeous weather.
The image of lemons is Stephanie Birdsalls' painting. It was my favorite piece in the IAPS show last June, and I finally figured out how to put it here. I love the simplicity and subtlety of the pallete.
Anyone seeing reds coming on?

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