Friday, 4 April 2014

Creativity over everything else

At my latest open studio day, several students showed up, each offering up their own specific expression. As an art teacher, it's quite the satisfying experience, to see everyone awash in their rowboat of creative ideas-flowing and meandering down the river of their own mojo. It's a priveledge actually to embrace each creator, and their vision. Like switching channels, I meet my students where ever they may be. Encouraging individual growth is something I firmly believe in. Here, you are accepted, regardless of your "style" or personal expression.
One of the things I am really grateful for, in having taught from my studio these past 17 years, is doing it my way. To NOT teach students to paint like me-I teach them to paint from their own original center.That doesn't mean I don't try to impart my knowledge and personal opinion about what I find important in art and creating it, but to be open and tolerant of others ways, is the way to the top of the mountain.  For a broad view. Afterall, are we after small minds, or big mind miracles? Magical miracles.
The by product of this policy,  is a melting pot like last Wednesday, where anything from the most traditional and realistic to impressionism to expressionism, and every level of abstraction is acceptable in my studio.
Sometimes when I am teaching, I wonder how I got so lucky, to know so many excellent people, share in their ideas, humours, their personal lives. Life is rich, isn't it?
The wonderful thing about having Shirley come to my workshops all these years, is watching her expression mature, her drawing, composing skills come together, to watch her become a true artist.

Cathy has great drawing skills, and is up for much experimenting, on her journey to discover her own personal joy through art.

Strachan is one of the most open minded people I know. To know art the way Strachan knows Art, is to know who you are. 
To thine own self be true. 
Strachan is never scared of meeting himself on the canvas.
Gillian has been on many trips with me. This scene is a pigeonnier, very close to our retreat in southwest France. You can't tell yet, but Gillian is one of those people I love having in open studio, because she has a playful, graphic, and very original vision for her artwork.

Anne is daring herself, on a courageous search for her way with colour and expressing her values, everything she holds dear, in her art.

Every time Miriam starts a piece, I know I am in for a visual-sensory treat of colour. Hope your screen can pick up the the strong pinks here, that contribute to the colour harmony-ever present in her work.
Thanks everyone, for the priveledge of sharing your true identity with me. 

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