Monday, 21 April 2014

The lovely Freye --In Conte/pastel and graphite

A few weeks ago, I had the good fortune to draw this lovely model from Denmark, here only for a few more weeks. So I was able to draw her twice. Every once in a while you meet a  model who has a natural sense of grace, just lovely to draw. The head is not big enough. I have another piece of her, where the head is too big, so I know where my work is. This is Conte on Canson mi-tientes. I am using up old paper on longer poses. This one was 50 minutes. I enjoy finding a place within the picture plane, where I can push hard with a pastel, and make that deep rich colour-In this case the hair. 
I'm not sure if I am finished or not. If not, perhaps I'll post this again. I'm enjoying working with charcoal, conte, pastel and graphite, creating interesting textures and tones. I'm also finding places to improve my work, things I may not have seen before. Taking a photo and looking at my work through the lense often allows me to see things differently. 
Same model, very elegant figure to draw. The hand is obscured (sorry!). I love to draw hands, and have the time to do an accurate job. Notice the detail on the feet? All you have is the general shape and proper proportion. That's because this is a 10 minute pose. What is the best use of your time for a 10 minute pose? I actually have a life drawing workshop where I teach how much information you should be shooting for in a 5, 10, and longer pose. Better to get a consistent amount of information in a short pose. 
I like the angle on this pose, where I'm getting a view from below. Love the gesture in the torso. So lovely! Too bad she is leaving Canada shortly. So nice to draw.  
There is  nothing like getting lost in a beautiful pose. I LOVE life drawing. In fact, I have even admitted, I am an addict. A life drawing addict!
Stay tuned as I continue to grow and experiment in this field. So much to do!
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