Sunday, 31 August 2014

Back at McMichaels-Paint out, Demo and the Ontario Plein Air Society

As I arrived at my destination, The McMichael Canadian Art Collection, I could see many plein air painters from the Ontario plein air society,  scattered around the grounds. The pic above is the Tom Thompson shack that used to be beside the studio building in downtown Toronto. It was a beautiful day, and many fine paintings were made.
While the paintings were dropped off, hung, and judged, I did my demo in the grand hall for everyone. I used a piece of clayboard, which I really like. As soon as I had arrived, I quickly went outside and did a few thumbnails sketches, and sued one of these for my reference, since I was working in the hall. 
Thanks to the nice turn out of plein air painters, interested in pastel, and other gallery goers as well. 
My demonstrations tend to be very simple compositions where I can play with colour, and layering. I love making a strong statement about light. The demo was about 45 minutes. 

Then everyone stood around the grand hall while the awards for the day were handed out. I liked many of the pieces done. Thank you everyone at McMichaels and the Ontario plein air society.

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