Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Teaching an advanced plein air class at McMichaels.

One of the great things about teaching workshops for as long as I have, is seeing new faces, delighted to see new work, and catching up with students who've been with you for years. What's really exciting is everyone comes with their own ideas. Even if you are painting the same scene. 
McMichaels really has it all as a teaching venue. The Pine cottage is full of light and is well equipped as out indoor studio. Our outdoor studio is the conservation area connected to the grounds, easily accessible from the gallery, or from Bindertwine Park. Then there's the best reference library one could ask for, the gallery and collection itself. As I've told many of my students, you can't beat giving a lecture on composition, then walking into the gallery and having so many examples to study and apply theory to. It's a fantastic learning environment. 

Here's Penny, a long time student, starting off a piece. 

This is a lovely landscape that is NOT just outside the door, done in studio on a rainy day. Lovely colours and grading in the mountains.  

Some people just come for the cookies,.....

Great atmosphere here, convincing water, fog, and rocks. Excellent work Annie!
Loretta hard at work, longing to put the finishing touches, so she can say "It's Done!"

This was stunning piece by Patricia, very nicely rendered, colours are just playing. The set up for this composition is what I would wish for anyone. Finding compelling compositions that are simple enough to draw, so you can spend more time pondering colours, and playing creatively.

Yes, we were underpainting.

Here's a piece I started and never got to finishing,....
This was such a nice group to teach. Paintings were interesting, and we had such a laugh together. I truly loved this week at McMichaels. Thanks to my students for making it so much fun. 

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