Thursday, 20 February 2014

The Abundance and miracle of Costa Rica

Instead of talking endlessly about the little miracles called "flowers" of Costa Rica, and instead of editing and leaving out so many, I thought what better way to tell you about Costa Rica, but in image. Sharing the "abundance" of that. However, I did leave out sooooo many.

This bouquet was set to welcome me to my home in the jungle, at Montana Azul. Beautiful. The orangy-red flower is the flower of the ginger plant. Who would have guessed. Complex, and sumptuous colour.

In every bathroom, you will find the toilet paper origami seen here, with a lovely little flower tucked in its' sleeve. Sweet!

This plant reminds me of Jack in the Pulpit that you would see in Canada. These lovelies hung like hippie beads that you had to walk through in order to enter the Casa Grande.

The next several photos are from our tour in the Mountains, of a gorgeous flower garden. We were lead by a very knowledgeable gardener. Always great to have expert information.

This was a veritable wall of flowers just on the road near our retreat. I'll be painting this at some point. 

Another garden tour, this Queen stood alone. 

Better look at the Ginger plant flower.

Profusion, abundance, a sea of purples and reds. MMMMmmmmm.

The Welcome plant is very welcoming. I am drawn, yet having trouble really replicating the multitude of reds and purples here.

The Halyconia is probably the most prominent and prolific flower in Costa Rica. It comes in many different colours, slightly different shapes and sizes as well. 
Being in Costa Rica can be an overwhelming experience. Abundance, paradise, magical, these are all appropriate words to describe this country. And I have barely got started yet! There are so many other things to tell you about. Please stay tuned. 

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