Thursday, 27 February 2014

Bienvenido Exotica 2013
This was my first seating area that I painted. It seems to have become a theme. Often I think about adding a figure, but, for some reason, the remnants or suggestion of people is more interesting than putting a figure in. In this way, the viewer can invite themselves to have a sit. 
On last years plein air trip to Costa Rica, we stayed at a lovely place on the wild edge of civilization, Carate, Costa Rica. We stayed within walking distance of the Corcovado National park, where wildlife abounds like nowhere else. Carate is on the pacific side, very south, on the most southern peninsula of Costa Rica, the Osa. Many serious photographers and freedom seeking hippy types come here for the extreme environment, extreme heat, extreme wildlife, extreme surfing, extreme wild. In Contrast, we painters sat quietly. We did capture some wild colour, wild flowers and plants, among other things. 
This sleepy nook is in the entrance to the Casa Grande at Finca Exotica. If you sat here, you'd be looking down on a severe drop through the extreme greenery of jungle, and beyond that, the ocean. You never forget the ocean is right there, because it never stops roaring, 24/7. The whole country has quite a presence, the ocean, flowers, extreme plants, beauty everywhere.
The other one thing I'll remember about Finca (besides snoozing in the beautiful handmade hammocks), is coming down to the Casa Grande for dinner, after a hard day at the office (painting) and having a drink, while sitting back in big chairs, to watch the stars sparkle down on us all. In the company of  fellow artists, is there any more I could ask for? 
It's a hard job, but someones' got to do it. 

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