Saturday, 1 March 2014

Mini Slimbox is here! Great for pastel storage and travel

The new pastel Slimbox Mini

 As you slide it open, there's a plastic protective cover, with foam on the inside, facing the pastels.
The box comes with dividers, to organize your pastels as you want. 

This is the set of 120 Unison half sticks, to give you an idea of what you can fit in here.
Original slimbox is a little larger

My friend and fellow pastellist Suzanne Godbout from Montreal has designed this nifty travel box for pastels. Many of you have been buying the larger version from her. This is a new and smaller product. Of course it's perfect for me, travelling with pastels. 
It is designed as a lightweight travel box. Note that there is a dent in the
divider at the far right so you can insert a pencil, brush, etc.
You can use the mini (as well as the regular Slimbox like on the photo) with the
Dakota wooden easel and it holds well either open or closed. Note that 
in one of the boxes, is the Unison 120 half
sticks directly with the cardboard box foam (cut a ½ in. all around,cute !)  The original slimbox is 17" X 21" X 1.25" and sells for $125.00 + shipping. The new Mini slim box as above, sells for just $50.00 + shipping. To find out more or order your own, contact Suzanne at


  1. Margaret: Are you saying that the 120 half sticks fit into the smaller mini box or is that in the larger original box?

    1. Please ask Suzanne, at