Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Lifes' got me!

Sorry everyone, I have bowed out recently, after doing such a good job of posting regularily. Life has a way of taking over from time to time. I'm nearing the end of cleaning and de-cluttering my house for sale.
In the meantime, I have only a bit of time for art these days. With that small amount of time, I decided to stick to drawing, until more time frees up. If you can only do one thing, draw. It keeps your drawing, composition skills going, as well as sparking you imagination and creativity. Besides, you draw, every time you pick up a brush.
Here's a recent portrait I did in Conte pencil. I enjoyed going back in for more depth and textures in the hair, and shadows. This was a really lovely model, with a sweet disposition. Rare to find a model half smiling, Mona Lisa style. It gives a different look to the cheeks, and a nice subtle suggestion.
This piece was also done in Conte Pencil, using a little bit if Sanguine in the warm shadowed areas, indicating reflected light. I wanted to detail to fade as you cross the page right to left. Yes, she was tall and skinny. The work was in all the hair! 
Working when I can, the last Cots Rica post is coming up!

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  1. I love life drawing and these two are very nice and it sure makes me want to go back doing life drawing again (been far too long since I did it last)...