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Christmas 2013 Newsletter

FERRARO ART WORKSHOPS                   Christmas 2013 NEWSLETTER                                             December 13nth, 2013

Part of the regular crew at my Christmas pot luck!

Seasons Greetings everyone! Woaw! My first season as an empty nester went by so quickly! Mind you, I was gone a fair bit. My Group of 7 workshop in Toronto in September couldn’t have gone better-except that I forgot  the pot to make Roman Meal (Lawren Harris’s favorite breakfast when painting in the bush). We had exceptional weather in France in October, and I managed to get 22 paintings done! That’s a record for me. November had me in Toronto again, but mostly I have been here, trying to get some work done. If you are interested in my journey back into my own artwork, after years of teaching, please become my blog follower.  Go to   I am posting on there often now, and hope to keep a record of some kind of metamorphosis. What I am changing into is not clear, but change is coming, that’s for sure.
If anyone is interested in non-instructed life drawing sessions, I am considering putting this on, an all day affair, once a month. Please contact me if you are interested,
Here are my workshop offerings for the next little while. Peruse, and let me know if I can be of service to you.
Intro to Pastel 2      Saturday Jan. 4 and Sunday Jan. 5th   2014    10-4 pm.            FULL W. WAITLIST, with a repeat Jan. 25/26 in studio, open
                   This workshop is a continuation of Intro to Pastel. I give a little more application theory, some really interesting  project ideas, we touch on underpainting, and you have a little more time for independent work. The cost of this workshop is $169.50 (includes taxes)   
Mountain and beach art retreat in Costa Rica    January 10-19nth 2014           You can still sign up!
Martine and I are at it again! Can’t get enough of Costa Rica, and getting out of Canada in the winter.
Learn how to paint in pastel while travelling around this exciting country. We’ll send 4 days in the Mountains, very near Chirripo National Park, and 4 days on the beach, on the OSA peninsula. For more information just click on this link:
Introduction to Life Drawing – Intensive  Monday Feb. 24-Friday Feb. 28th    9 am- 3pm. daily     in studio, Ottawa
Margarets’ life drawing workshops are intimate, small groups where every individual will receive group instruction and much one on one guidance as well.
This workshop begins with a thorough understanding of gesture, and the benefit of understanding it’s role in life drawing.  Then we study the basic shapes of the figure, understanding proportions, angles, and simplification.  Through many exercises and practise, you will learn how to break down something as seemingly complex as the human figure, into something simple, and manageable. Learn to bring consistent quality to every drawing you make. By the end of this workshop, you will have acquired the skill to manage the psychological and judgement aspect of making art, and a very clear method for drawing the figure in any position.
The cost of this workshop is $350.00+hst+model fee.
Introduction to Pastel    Saturday March 1, Sunday March 2
We begin this workshop by studying application techniques and playing with colour. In studying the work of other pastellists we learn how each method of application can be used effectively and creatively. We do a little colour theory, studying value, and temperature, and how this relates to landscape, still life, and other subjects/modes of expression. Individual projects are also possible. The students will acquire a basic understanding of pastel application techniques, and an appreciation for the wonderful spontaneous and forgiving medium of pastel. Cost of this class is $150.00 + hst
JEH MacDonald, Unsung Hero    Monday April 7-Friday April 11         Thoreau MacDonald House, 121 Centre St., Thornhill, (TORONTO area)
         I never understood why more hasn’t been made out of the life and times of JEH MacDonald, one of the foremost painters of the group of seven. This workshop will be a culmination of my passionate admiration for the work and life of Jim MacDonald. Thoreau Macdonald House in Thornhill will again be our central meeting place, with our painting time there. Meet JEH up close and personal, find out what kind of a man he was, how he treated his friends and family, appreciate his other artistic pursuits such as poetry, his contribution to the Arts and letters club, and much more. Most importantly let’s take a look at JEH the leader, and his influences on a group of artists who would make history along side him. This workshop includes a visit to the AGO, permanent collection and a special visit to the Prints and Drawings room, lunch and lecture on JEH at the Arts and Letters club. 
We’ll look closely at why his sense of composition is completely dynamic. In my own lectures about composing, I often reflect on starting with quality ideas, concepts for paintings. We’ll be looking at that, in JEH , and allowing this to be a pivotal strategic moment in your own work.
We’ll also be visiting the AGO’s permanent collection of group of 7, ( in particular, MacDonalds’). We’ll be making another special visit to the prints and drawings library to view original drawings not on display. The arts and letters club has also agreed to host us again, and we’ll be there to talk about MacDonalds great contribution to this establishment, with more time to peruse the library, studio, and rest of the club.  Price to be announced, as I have other exciting events I am trying to line up. I wanted  everyone to know this is in the plans, dates set. Please let me know if you would like to reserve a spot, or get the announcement when it’s all set.
RSVP to Margaret,
If you would like to sign up for any of these workshops, or get further information, please contact me, I’d be happy to help. Thanks, and Merry Christmas everyone! Margaret

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