Saturday, 21 December 2013

Slow down, Stand back

I'll be continuing to work on this the next few days hopefully. It's time to stop, slow down, and sit in a chair, far back from the easel. Getting back, and really thinking over my decisions is critical. My problem is seeing beauty everywhere. I put these three colours together, beautiful! Those three colours, beautiful! So, thinking about WHAT I want to say, and HOW I want to say it, is most important to my decisions about colour choices. I think I may have to stop using this yellow/gold colour for my underpainting  as I find it mesmerizing, and don't want it to get covered up. But, it wouldn't serve my sense of curiousity to leave it either. The moment we become precious about any one area, we've just lost it. Also, as artists, it's our responsibility to search for and find processes that we love to use. I do love this approach, every step of the way. I'm talking about10 starting with a solid drawing, and 2) the gradual way colour is added or subtracted or subdued. Mesmerized.
 Wish me luck, I will keep posting.

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