Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Lost and Found -- Development, in building the mystery

This is a large drawing I am working on, of my Mom (30" X 44"). To hear about the title, look back on another post -- (see post Thurs. Dec. 5th).  I did a portrait study first, to challenge myself to do as good a job as possible, where the most detail is. It helps me become clear about exactly what I'm saying, and what will be left out. I've been really attracted to doing portraits lately, and have been doing lots of them. Yesterday, I did the face, and some figure detail, although the idea here is to not have a lot of detail on the figure itself. My work yesterday lead me to know that todays' work was about -- bringing some presence to the space around the figure. I like the soft look, but wasn't getting the oomph I wanted at the bottom of the piece. It needs to be dark, as I wanted rich value gradation here, getting lighter as it goes upwards. I think it adds mystery. Isn't that what we are supposed to be doing as artists?  Suggesting mystery, as it should be. 
I am pleased with the effect. What I did was add charcoal, to get the dark, dark enough. Soft, yet dark and rich. Just what I want. It's not finished yet, but I am happy with the light, and the mystery. 

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