Friday, 22 November 2013

Can you guess which well known Ottawa model this is?

The last time I posted a portrait study, Lesley O'Reilly guessed correctly that this was a portrait of Alyson. So I thought I'd put this one out there as well, and I will make a guess that several people will know who this is right away. Alysons' portrait was a 30 minute pose, I don't remember how long this one was. But I really like this style of treatment with the soft lines, and gentle gradations. The sitter is a very gentle soul and a great artist in his own rights. If you study the background really closely, you'll find out another unusual talent this man, another well known Ottawa model,
has,..... If you can't read the lettering in the background, I will reveal the answer in a forthcoming episode. Stay tuned,......

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