Tuesday, 27 October 2015

A Day in Sunny Sienna

After painting on a street that tourists thought was a great view and blocked me from painting,...I found a quiet street where I could paint in peace. Note the weird shadow on the right side of the building, created by the buildings on the left. 

The famous medieval Duomo de Sienna, built 1262

Continuation of the massive cathedral, just at the back of the square, Piazza del Campo 

The crew, enjoying the sun and warmth in a cafe lined square.

Narrow streets, angled roofs galore, a harmony of cool and warm. 

You can tell the teach is not present. Art students goofing off in downtown sunny Sienna.

Stately architecture, typical homes, and one Cypress!

I think Tania Capuletti has a thing for inanimate objects with faces (?)......Our day in Sienna started with a 2 hour tour. Instead, I got to painting, and got two paintings done. My students enjoyed the tour, talking about the famous historic horse race in Sienna, eating Gelato, enjoying espresso, and taking in the atmosphere of this city. Could have spent a few more days there, at the very least. 

Future blog topics will be sunrise on top of a volcano,....and talking about our wonderful hosts at Le Pianore.

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