Thursday, 22 October 2015

Tuscan vineyard: Literally Touring, tasting and painting

On our second day in Tuscany, we were treated to a tour of a local vineyard owned and operated by the Basile family. Jean Battista Basiles' knowledge of winemaking, and ability to articulate his art in such an informative manner made our afternoon there very educational. Especially the part where we actually tasted the vino. 

A typical view of the area, where farmers are re-sowing fields in the foreground, more mountainous geometry beyond. 

Jean Battista explaining his process, types of wine he makes, and all the rules in winemaking in Italy!! Huge casks, metal and Oak, to store the wine for fermentation. This vineyard produces 35,000 bottles a year. 

Another view of our gorgeous scenery, huge vistas everywhere you go just beyond the vineyard!

After the tour was done, we had some time to make artwork. Get out those pastels!

There's Janet getting to work,........

Here's most of our gang out for a good time! After artwork, we were treated to samples of all the wines made here. Very nice, and many purchased!
Next: Daniel Spoerri sculpture Garden. 

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