Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Our first day, a quiet day (?!) at Le Pianore

We made it,we all met in Rome, had breakfast and off to Tuscany, in 2 vans and a car. It took us about a half hour to leave Rome behind and started immediately seeing interesting and varied countryside. Another 2 hours later, we were landing at Le Pianore, our home in Tuscany for the next 10 days. It's always exciting, that first glimpse of where you will be. Nothing could have prepared us for the absolutely spectacular scenery in every direction from here.
Of course we're quite busy just being together, taking eh place in, the Canadian federal election, and many things about Tuscany, food, our hosts, much to talk about! But I will start,..with ART.

                                          Our first full day in Tuscany started with some review of basic lessons for plein air, but also talking about planning for this plein air trip, working in series, building up a body of work, hoot stay motivated (always a big part of my classes). Once we had our first lessons in hand, we were straight out scouting out varied subject matter to paint. I noticed this building on our drive up to Le pioneer. It's perfect for a first day attempt at a building. After a couple of demos, everyone settled down to draw this building in at lest two different perspectives. What was great about it, is that other than the tree, there was nothing else near it, thereby negating the urger to add detail! 

 Same building, more dynamic and different viewpoint. The first on was looking up to the building. I like the shadow under the eave, and will accentuate that. Notice the width of one wall to the other, Quite different, on this eye level view.

 Here we are looking down on the same building. You don't have to move very much o get a different viewpoint. 

 Some of my students, starting off right away, getting handle on perspective and buildings. 

 Too busy with drawing and composition, my students were busy, But not so busy that they didn't turn to their heads just a bit, to see this breathtaking scene. BTW, this type os scene, EVERYWHERE. You never get tired of this breathtaking scenery. Fabulous! 

 After our perspective lesson, we scouted out several nearby spots for possible painting. I like the shadows to anchor my composition. 3 pm. seems to do it just perfect here. Lots of sun and nice temps. No complaining going on here!

 The local church. I love drawing these towers with their complexity of light, shadow,a nd the form of the tower. 

 Mother nature, giving us lavish gifts. Thank you. Grateful.

A brain that is wired up for patterns in landscape. This is definitely a painting. Maybe in the next 2 or three days. Our days are packed!!

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