Saturday, 17 October 2015

Just Rome-ing around

Starting my next art trip, being picked up by Michael Austin in style. We zoomed out the of Rome Airport, and buzzed into town care free. 
 This car remind me of a friends car from High School- A Bricklyn. Don't even know if I'm spelling it right. The doors opened like the wings of a Teradactyl. Man, I am tired and laughing at the way I just spelt Teradactyl. You know what I mean.
And here is sweet Mike. Just a great, easy going fun loving guy. I've known Mike since he was born. Though born in Canada, he moved to Rome at the age of 13, and I haven't seen him for 14 years! So we gabbed our heads off and had a stimulating but too short of a visit. Thank YOU Mike!
Silvana, you should be proud of what a nice guy you eldest is!!!
Next on the agenda,...a few of my crowd were seeing the sites in downtown Rome today,.. 


                                                                      Trevi Fountain

The Pyramid,...the tomb of Cestius, built 18-12 B.C. He actually built two pyramids, but one was destroyed by the Catholic Church at some point, and only one remains. He's still is the tomb, where his remains, remaining,...

This was a weird sculpture just outside of the Ostiense train station, just on my way to current hotel, with my group. The mirrored surface behind each figure must be significant, but I didn't see any explanations, each his own,....
In the cosy kitchen with my outstanding airbnb host, Sergio. Turns out, he is a comedic actor of sorts,  and works for an acrobatic tour group! So Solange!! Attention! Master classes available!! Sergio was a warm and wonderful host, We talked non-stop. I find when I meet other creatives, it's often like that. Sergio is originally from Sicily, and he is enticing me to start dreaming again, before I've even begun this trip!
If anyone out there wants to go to Rome, please contact me for surges co-ordinates, as he is a great host!
Rome is one classy City. Last night I climbed a street near Sergios, and had an outstanding view of the city from there. But what I'll take away, is the breeze, the incredible tall and manicured trees, the dusk, the priests walking in their long robes, and a general feel of timelessness. 
We are Alive!
We are all in at the Hotel now, and tomorrow, we take off on the incredible journey of Rome to Grosseto, in the centre of Tuscano, so stay tuned for more intrigue............Ciao! M

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