Saturday, 24 October 2015

Daniel Spoerri sculpture park, pastel plein air

The Daniel Spoerri sculpture park, is off the beaten track, but fairly close to the organic farm where we are staying. We started our day off here, and it was very different, amazing really. Daniel Spoerri is a well known sculpter in his own right, very well known in his native Germany. Many of the sculptures here are made by Daniel, but he has commissioned over 100 sculptures, all installed in a rural and very natural setting. Many are macawb, disturbing,..but all are interesting. 

This was titled the kiss

 These heads, one for each sign of the zodiac

Acrobatic Frogs, have to cross a field before they all become clear

a sound installation, can be heard very far away when my students are running through them.

throw back style of the 60's

Believe it or not, this is a pastel of a sculpture.The tea cup is about 6' across. I liked the reds/rusts of fall set behind the beautiful tones of green/aqua of the cup. We were on schedule, so I had about one hour to set this up and do it. 

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