Friday, 16 January 2015

Day 1, Thursday Jan. 8th          

Plane time, Flying High

On my exit from Canada, I was well prepared for journey time. When travelling I always have pencils, and paper to draw.  Waiting in an airport or on board is always a great time to draw for me. I have to be there anyways, so making good use.
I’ve often wondered why I draw well in these situations, much more than when I am demonstrating for an art group. I think it’s the lack of pressure, though people always watch. I find it hard t stop explaining what I am doing when I am demo-ing, but in this case, I am very introspective. It’s a good way to start this new segment of time to myself to draw and paint. 
Doing this portrait on the plane garnered all sorts of interest, and I am always well prepared, with business cards and my shpeel. 
After all, most people on this flight are tourists, they are in tourist mode, and find the fact that I teach people to paint while travelling,…well, it’s different, it’s a dreamy idea, isn’t it?
Most of all, it’s a load of fun. But I rarely get time to really sink into some painting on my own. So I am in Costa Rica early, to do just that, and to be warmed up for my group when they arrive on January 31st.
Welcome! This year we have students from Maine, NYC, Toronto, Almonte, Ottawa, and other scattered areas in Ontario.

I love to sink into a portrait. Right now, what I am experimenting with in portrait is drawing well, getting a likeness, but keeping it very loose, and wanting original marks to express themselves, have a life of their own. It takes time to relax, get into an intuitive state where experimentation is only fun and play.

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