Sunday, 18 January 2015

Entry #4

Chirripo. When I woke up though, my body had other ideas. So I had a lazy start,…to sore to walk all the way. I decided to paint something much closer, so I wouldn’t have to walk so far. I’d already done the scouting out, and remembered a beautiful low tree very close by, filled to the brim with gorgeous pink flowers. This is not an uncommon sight in Costa Rica, but it was so pretty, and backlit, something I always look for. The best thing, was that I could sit on a nearby rock in the shade.

It is sitting on the side of the road painting that draws people in. It’s impossible not to meet people this way. So, this is how I met James and Hanna this morning. James is a retired Canadian living here fairly permanently. Hanna is an amazing dynamic and friendly person who is volunteering to teach people how to speak English for the next 4 months. This young lady has quite a future ahead of her. Check out her blog at

Through meeting Hanna I have met several other people, ex-pats and locals. It’s all very rich and insightful. Tonight we got invited into the most charming modest house,by the nicest people. They shared in a friendly manner, what they had to offer. These people had a waterfall, 2 feet from their house that flood under the house, and out the other side. The house is filled with character, plants and flowers, delicious looking food, and warmth and happiness. It’s not all about the $$$$$$. Living your life in the mountains here in this tight little community could be a prosperous life in many ways.

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