Sunday, 18 January 2015

Rio Chirropa

While walking on the road, I met Frank, owner of Rio Chirrup, a lovely resort up here in the Chirropa mountains. I had a look around, and saw wonderful gardens, pool, and cabins by the water. Really lovely. Frank invited me to paint any time, and I found myself there right away. The Casa Grande at Rio Chirropa is really lovely, and the warm adobe style structure lent a great contrast to the green everywhere. In my first piece, I decided to lick up where I left off last year.For those of you following, here is my latest instalment of seating areas in Costa Rica. I am guessing this is #6. I liked the large window out onto he mountains and the green. Steven, the manager played awesome music while I enjoyed painting this.  

The next painting was as simple as turning my chair 90 degrees. I enjoy he multitude of possibilities without going too far. In this case, I was taken by the change in light affect from one room to another. Also liked the designs painted on the walls, and the warmth of tiles, and coloured chairs. People in central America really have fun with bright sure colour, and I relate. 

After painting for several hours, I was ready for a distraction and a break. Two young ladies showed up that I had met a few days ago, Katie and Christie. They are here at Rio for 3 months of volunteer gardening in exchange for a place to stay. What’s really impressive is their commitment to health, fitness and eating well. Soon, they will give a retreat on raw foods diet. But of now, almost every day, they are training themselves to be acrobats! Lots of you know my obsession with the figure, and my plan in the near future to paint acrobatic figures. There’s an absolutely awesome yoga studio here with high ceiling and wonderful views. Just a feel good place.  I wasted no time is asking if we could do a photo session, and I was rewarded. I’m not working on it at the moment, but you can expect some acro figure work from me in the near future. More impressiveness: these girls are teaching themselves to do this!!  Thank you Katie for you generosity!  Here’s a sample of some of the fun we had.

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