Friday, 16 January 2015

Day 3  Saturday January 10nth      

I am a waterfall

Off the plane, and into the never-ending soft balmy breeze of San Jose. Another day of travel, and I am with
friends. Meeting in San Isidro, in Angus’s pick-up for the ride up into the Chirripo mountains. I am ensconced,
into my private little hide away, with a little waterfall on one side, and a large waterfall, providing me with nonstop
24 hour a day water-falling acoustic effect.
I can see blue-gray hazed mountains in the distance, and many bamboo and palm trees, bushes, and
flowers. I’m on one of my decks, feeling the cool lovely breeze, and thinking of how I will use this precious
time in the mountains.
time in the mountains.
Out of the fray of every day life, here with the intention of sinking into painting, I am collecting good quality
ideas. Being a morning person, and loving the crisp cool air here before the sun comes over the edge of the
mountain. I’ll be up early, walking,hiking, discovering places to paint. I need to be finished with all that by 10
am., so I can be in the shade somewhere, either painting or some other worth while activity.
In the afternoons, when it’s really hot out, I’ll be here at my house for a snooze (realllllly good use of my time),
writing, or just slowing down. Slowing down is the key. I want to see what it’s like. I know I can be good at it.
And then see, if this plugs me into some sort of new creative plateau unaccessible in the hustle of modern
day life. Maybe it takes travelling very far away to get away from the temptations.

Only time will tell.

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